Gods Are Crying

The sky was covered with clouds he turned his face and looked up the drops which were coming from eternal darkness and crashing to his face. His feelings were complicated and he placed himself up there and gazed upon his own image at the battleground. There were his warriors there were his enemies , there was much blood and there were many fallen ones then he found himself at the theatre of war. He looked around and realized that he was all alone among all these. He then looked down to his sword saw the rain, it was trying to cleanse blood on it.

As the rain cleaned his sword the reflection became clearer then he looked up , stared at the horizon where earth embraced darkness…

And suddenly there was silence and he watched his comrades as they were pulled up into eternal darkness into nothingness. He was all alone again then he heard a voice…

And he found himself facing the ranks he stopped and listened to his speech which echoed in the wind , and in all his warriors heads…

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Gods Are Crying

Artist :
Title : Negative Audio
Release Date : Haziran 27, 2009
Label :
Format : CD

1. Intro 00:51
2. Warchant 04:08
3. As the Rain Cleaned His Sword… 00:14
4. Lost 03:37
5. And He Found Himself… 00:11
6. Victory 04:55
7. And Suddenly There Was Silence… 00:22
8. Tears of the Gods 04:10